armada_client package

armada_client.client module

Armada Python GRPC Client

class armada_client.client.ArmadaClient(channel, max_workers=None)

Bases: object

Client for accessing Armada over gRPC.

cancel_jobs(queue=None, job_id=None, job_set_id=None)

Cancel jobs in a given queue.

Uses the CancelJobs RPC to cancel jobs. Either job_id or job_set_id is required.

create_queue(name, **queue_params)

Create the queue by name.

Uses the CreateQueue RPC to create a queue.


Delete an empty queue by name.

Uses the DeleteQueue RPC to delete the queue.

get_job_events_stream(queue, job_set_id, from_message_id=None)

Get event stream for a job set.

Uses the GetJobSetEvents rpc to get a stream of events relating to the provided job_set_id.


Get the queue by name.

Uses the GetQueue RPC to get the queue.


Get the queue info by name.

Uses the GetQueueInfo RPC to get queue info.

reprioritize_jobs(new_priority, job_ids=None, job_set_id=None, queue=None)

Reprioritize jobs with new_priority value.

Uses ReprioritizeJobs RPC to set a new priority on a list of jobs or job set.

submit_jobs(queue, job_set_id, job_request_items)

Submit a armada job.

Uses SubmitJobs RPC to submit a job.

update_queue(name, **queue_params)

Update the queue of name with values in queue_params

Uses UpdateQueue RPC to update the parameters on the queue.


Closes gRPC event streams

Closes the provided event_stream.queue