This document is an overview of Armada client libraries.


Here, we give an overview of the Armada Python client.


Prerequisites for installation include a working Python installation and poetry. You may wish to install the client into a virutalenv.

Our python client bindings can be installed directly from the Armada repository.

  1. Checkout the armada git repository
  2. From the root of the repository, run make python to generated needed gRPC code.
  3. Install the client with poetry: cd client/python && poetry install -v


Once installed, the client can be imported with import armada_client.client.

API Documentation

For full documentation of our python module API, please see our autogenerated python API docs


Information relevant to developers working to improve the python client can be found in the python client readme.


Armada provides C# client bindings.

This client can be accessed in the Armada git repository.